Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Introduction

A big Hello!

Writing has always been a love. And as the name of my blog suggests, baking and cooking are my loves too!

I am a full-time working mother to 1 baby boy. He's actually 3 yrs old, but he'll always be my baby. My weekend therapy and sometimes weekdays are baking and cooking for the loves of my life, needless to say for myself too!

Because some of my bakes (some of the sweeter ones) aren't very adored by the Hubster and little one, I baked for myself then!

I love food and I love eating, so here I am!

Oh and occasionally, I will also 'cook' up ideas on parenting. Well, I am after all, a mummy! Mummies always identify themselves as a Mummy, FIRST. Always. I realised. :)

Enjoy your time here!

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