Monday, December 3, 2012

Beef Paprik (Daging Paprik)

It's been a while, hasn't it? In fact, it's been a very long while.

Now that I'm back, here's another super simple recipe that you can simply whip up in max, 30 minutes? Simply delish with piping hot steamed rice.

500g sliced beef (I bought the packed and sliced frozen beef from the supermarket)
1 bulb of large onion sliced
3 shallots - crushed
4 garlics - crushed
2 bird's eye chillies - crushed ( u can add more if you would like to increase the spice quotient)
2 pieces of kaffir lime leaves
Some tomato sauce, chilli sauce, oyster sauce and kicap manis
(approximately 3tbsps of tomato sauce, 2 tbsps of chilli, 1 tsp of oyster and kicap manis. i poured mine straight from the bottle, so this is the approximate measurements)
Broccoli florets

1. Heat  vegetable oil in wok.
2. Then, fry onions, shallots, garlics, bird's eye chillies and kaffir leaves till fragrant.
3. Add salt.
4. Add the sliced beef. Stir till it browns.
5. Then, add the sauces. Add the broccoli florets. Let it boil for a while.
6. Add about 3/4 cup of water, more if you want more gravy, and let it boil again for 5-8minutes thereabout. 7. Serve hot with rice.

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